Building strong leadership skills and team spirit

When PBA Land was interviewing for management positions on its team, one of the key differentiators CEO Patricia Phillips was looking for in the candidates, was a history of athleticism and participation in competitive sports. As a former Alpine Ski Racer, she believes competing in a sport is one of PBA BLOG APRIL 18 PHOTO 1the factors for producing strong leadership skills and a cohesive team.

How sports can lead to excellent leadership skills

One of the traits of an excellent leader is an ability to motivate people to challenge themselves and meet their goals. Sports are highly competitive, and by their nature, push people to achieve more than their rivals. Within team sports, participants are encouraged to foster team spirit, to collaborate and to, on occasion, ‘take one for the team’.

PBA Blog April 18 Photo 2Competitive team sports creates an environment where its participants must collaborate to achieve their goals. This team spirit and the capacity to work well with others is essential to leadership. Leadership also means the ability to listen to the opinions of others and an openness to different points of view. In order to lead a team, one must also be able to play for it.

The team spirit and competition within sports provides an excellent analogy for the teams within organizations and the competition within business leaders face in today’s world. The skills learned in sports can provide a solid foundation for success in many areas.

At PBA, we believe this background of competition and all the elements of of being on a sports team, including working closely with teammates towards a common goal, have helped to create the PBA management team which strives for excellence in its business and focuses on a collaborative approach.

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