Why Business Leaders should Imitate Athletes

When PBA Land Development CEO Patricia Phillips skied competitively, one of the keys to her success was to perform a series of actions at the same time each and every day. By ritualizing these actions or habits, she ensured she wasn’t distracted from her training. From the time she got up to the time she finished her conditioning that day, she knew what was next. Her schedule was already in place and she didn’t have to think about it. When she took over the helm at PBA Land, she continued with this practice.

PBA Land has sponsored Alpine ski racer and two-time National Champion. Watch Trevors incredible 14th place finish at Kitzbuhel  http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2682518445/


Why business leaders should imitate athletes to achieve success

Pentaphoto: Trevor Skiing GS Beaver Creek

Although it may seem a stretch to compare the world of a competitive athlete with that of some-one running a business, both require the same strategies in order to be successful. I believe maintaining the ‘habit of being habitual’ — of sticking to a routine — has been one of the keys to leading a successful private land development company. Several of our team members also have competed nationally in sports and they follow the same habit of starting out their day with a routine. We all know what we need to do and we don’t have to waste energy thinking about it.


Make prioritizing another key habit


Trevor – 2015 Graduation from the University of Denver with Bachelors of Business Administration, Major in Finance

As a team, we recognize how essential it is to prioritize. Whether you’re a world-class athlete, running a company or your part of it, executing the priorities is critical. When they’re left to later in the day, distractions show up and there’s less energy. As an athlete, I always trained first thing in the day. If I’d postponed it until later in the day, there was the chance I wouldn’t train as hard, as my energy levels were depleted. Business is no different.

PBA Land has sponsored Alpine Canada ski racer and two-time National Champion Trevor Philp, who is an excellent example of how routine habits and prioritizing leads to wins. Trevor is the only World Cup skier who has competed while simultaneously obtaining a university degree. He couldn’t have accomplished all this without having a routine and doing first things first!

Trevor – 2015 Graduation from the University of Denver with Bachelors of Business Administration, Major in Finance

These traits are why PBA believes Trevor will achieve greatness. Implementing these practices in our lives has helped us to achieve this level of success. Maintaining these habits keeps us on track.

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