Getting in the Holiday Spirit

When you get lemons make lemonade, right? Well, that’s what we tried to do recently when an unexpected vacancy arose in one of our larger properties.

Those familiar with leasing know that even great space doesn’t lease immediately because tenants plan ahead and typically commit to space months in advance… Well, most tenants!

One of those groups that doesn’t have the ability to plan too far in advance is a charity called The Magic of Christmas, who are  not-for-profit charity focused on delivering the Christmas Spirit of loving, caring and sharing to many. They are a 100-per-cent volunteer non-denominational organization. Each year The Magic of Christmas looks for 15,000 – 20,000 square feet of warehouse space to be donated so they can manage their food and present donations, training workshops, sewing stations (for elf and Santa outfits) and general office needs.

This year we turned our lemons into lemonade by donating the space to The Magic of Christmas. The stand-alone building is now the temporary home of this Calgary charity group who will make the holidays a much better time for over 400 families and thousands of patients in care facilities throughout Calgary. Here is a video from CTV News showing them getting set up:

The Magic of Christmas has always found a home but it’s often a stressful time. Whereas many warehouses were owned by individuals in the past they are now consolidated into large REITS and real estate companies supported by pension funds and institutional investors. What that means is that they aren’t set up to move as quickly as PBA and in some cases their duties to the shareholders conflict with their ability to donate space.

Ultimately we felt a real obligation to help and it just made sense. We are happy for it and it’s getting us in the Holiday Spirit a bit earlier than usual!

If you are interested in volunteering with The Magic of Christmas you can visit the Volunteer Page of their website or pop in at 6812 Fairmount Drive SE between 10am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday. PBA will be down there in December to lend a hand too!

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