Loyalty of long-term employees an inspiration for us all

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At PBA Land, we believe that building a better future for our company means believing in our employees. To have the opportunity to see that, in turn, foster loyalty and dedication is an inspiration for our whole team.


Recently, we had the chance to honour two of our employees – Dennis Braunwarth and Janice Lynch – for 10 years of service. It is important to us to mark this milestone and show our gratitude, because indeed, hard work and dedication is what helps set PBA apart.


Every day, Dennis comes to work with a smile on his face. Janice has an eagle-eyed attention to detail that makes her work truly shine.


Dennis came to the company after initially managing the operations of some of PBA’s properties through CB Richard Ellis. A testament to Dennis’ good-natured approach, the tenants in those buildings were always happy – and soon, he was hired directly to manage the operations of PBA’s entire portfolio. His wife Joyce once told President and CEO Patricia Phillips he came home singing after his first day with PBA! Dennis is a dedicated ball player, a dog-lover and a big fan of a particular lunch: Dr. Pepper and hot dogs. He is also a tool fanatic, attached to the many items in his workshop.


Janice joined PBA from Robert Half as our property accountant. Her attention to detail at work is legendary to the point that it has even distracted her from details at home. She once discovered only a day before a trip to Cincinnati that her passport had expired – a rare occasion for such an organized person. She also has a great love for the outdoors and will often spend weekends hiking with her husband Steve. Singing is another love and Janice has been a choir member for years. Always quick to step up to any task required, she once organized an office choir within minutes to sing Jingle Bells at PBA’s Christmas party.


Committing to a certain team of people signals a belief in an ideal – to the company, the services it provides and to the job you are doing to help reach shared goals. PBA believes in a culture of respect and collaboration to inspire our team to fulfill their career dreams. We are delighted that Dennis and Janice have been able to share in those ideals and we salute their many contributions to the PBA family during their 10 years here.




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