About PBA

PBA Land & Development is a real estate company unlike any other, driven by a pioneering spirit that shaped its past and guides its future.

Founded by entrepreneur Joe Phillips in 1965, the company develops and manages a diverse portfolio of office, retail and industrial properties in and around Calgary. For more than 50 years, PBA’s bold and forward-thinking approach has focused on innovative ideas and long-term relationships. Headquartered in the historic 1911 Graphic Arts building downtown, PBA has strong community ties to Calgary. PBA offers tenants the opportunity to grow and prosper, and build lasting legacies.

The exceptional team at PBA understands that it doesn’t take a lot of real estate to make someone happy. That is what inspires PBA to see things a little differently and build opportunities for success for its team, partners and tenants in Calgary and North America.

Our Three Pillars define who we are and how we operate:

We are Builders…

  • We build opportunities, not just for PBA, but for our people, partners and tenants.
  • We build relationships, not just contracts, because our focus is long-term.
  • We build legacies beyond our developments so our clients and partners can create their own.

We are Different…

  • We practice traditional business values with a modern approach.
  • We make decisions like human beings, not just as a corporation.
  • We are a privately owned company whose decisions are not controlled solely by yield or public market fluctuations.

We are Optimists…

  • We believe challenges are opportunities worth exploring.
  • We understand reality but also believe in what could be.
  • We believe in PBA’s future because we believe in ourselves.