In a small town in West Virginia, Joe Phillips – a young man who came from a long line of entrepreneurs and pioneers – felt inspired to set out and build something of his own that would last. In the late 1950s, he moved from Blacksville, West Virginia to Calgary, Alberta where he saw the potential to fulfill that dream.

That pioneering spirit he embodied is what continues to shape the company he founded, PBA Land & Development, today. We are a place where potential breaks ground. We create original properties that fit businesses’ needs and provide Calgarians with unique spaces that enliven their communities.

Our roots in Calgary run deep. In 1958, Joe started building his first independent oil and gas company, Joe Phillips Limited, from the ground up. It became a success, with more than 100 properties spread across British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta that produced 3,000 barrels of oil equivalent each day. That company was behind many of Alberta’s oil discoveries, and Joe always seemed to leave his competitors catching up from a few steps behind. Joe had an instinct for land and the value of holding on to it for the long term. In 1965, he founded PBA Land, a privately-owned company that still retains ownership of all the original land and properties purchased by Joe.

Today, we are headquartered in downtown Calgary in the historic Graphic Arts Building – a century-old building given a modern upgrade in 2004 that embodies our approach of building legacies while we shape the future. The people behind PBA carry on Joe’s model of a hard work, contrarian methods and exceptional experience that sets us apart in the Calgary land development industry.

Joe’s daughters, CEO Patricia Phillips and Director Michelle Phillips, have also carried on the family’s pioneer spirit as they forged successful careers internationally and in traditionally male-dominated businesses of energy and finance. As CEO, Patricia encourages the PBA team to be trailblazers and reach their potential. PBA employees are the cornerstone of the company. Top achievers in their fields, their expertise and hard work make us a success.

At PBA, we believe in being more than a landlord. We believe in listening to our tenants and working together to find solutions. We believe in partnering with communities to build a successful development for everyone. That is what helps shape us as modern day pioneers and inspires us to build opportunities for our team, partners and tenants in markets in Calgary and North America.