Providing support to Fort McMurray

With a state of emergency being declared in the Fort McMurray area, it is crucial to show our support for the people whose lives have been devastated by the loss of their homes and their businesses, those who are volunteering their time and resources and the emergency responders putting their lives at risk. The team at PBA Land has made a donation to the Canadian Red Cross to help with their efforts. The federal government has committed to matching each dollar donated to the Red Cross.

 Please join us in our efforts to support the Red Cross in anyway you are able to–the cost of this wildfire to the Province of Alberta and its residents is already in the billions of dollars. Donations can be made at Alberta Fire Appeals

 For other ways to provide your support to Fort McMurray evacuees, CBC Calgary has published a list of websites and organizations can be found here: CBC Calgary – how to help Fort McMurray

The PBA Land team

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