Peter Teteris

Development and Construction Manager

From new developments and capital expenditure to tenant improvements, Peter Teteris leads construction initiatives throughout the PBA Group development & asset portfolio. In his role, Peter leads teams of stakeholders, consultants, and contractors to execute development and improvement projects for PBA’s new and existing assets.

Working on projects in excess of 100 million dollars and skills honed over 15 years of industry experience, Peter has a vast knowledge base in all aspects of construction. Working for developers, consultants, and contractors, his attention to detail has been refined through collaboration on commercial, industrial, healthcare and residential projects throughout the province of Alberta. He joined PBA Group in 2017.

Peter is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys the fine art of carpentry. During the summer, you can find him coaching soccer. Over the winter months, he’s driving the Zamboni at his local hockey rink. Oh, and if you want to get on his good side…bring donuts.

Peter holds a diploma in Architectural Technologies from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.