At PBA Group, we believe in living our values. And we have done this since day one when we opened our doors 55 years ago. Joe Phillips founded the company with the vision of building upon the community of Calgary. The possibilities and opportunities the community could offer is what drove him. With community as the basis, he carved-out what are now our core values: lead to elevate the communities we serve, respect everyone’s viewpoint, perform to exceed expectations, embrace diversity, and foster mutually beneficial relationships. In our 55th year we celebrate our core values which define who we are as a company.

LEADERSHIP to Elevate the Communities We Serve

Our central core value of Leadership to Elevate the Communities we serve stems from Joe’s vision of building upon the community of Calgary and his quiet but significant community-building philanthropy. After 55 years we continue to look for ways to reinvest in our communities by supporting local arts, sports, community organizations and charities. Giving back is a part of the way we do business and is a source of pride for our entire team.  Whether it’s volunteering, philanthropy, sponsorship, or donations—we find ways to highlight the greatness of the places we build in.

RESPECT Everyone’s Viewpoint

From the beginning, PBA has been a collaborative space where all parties are respected, and all sides of a situation are considered. After all, we are people doing business with people, first. This means we act with integrity and consider the experience and perspective of our tenants, investors, and partners. This ensures that the team acts with integrity and transparency while maintaining long-term relationships.

PERFORMANCE to Exceed Expectations

Throughout our 55 years the PBA team has always expected more from its team and continues to exceed expectations – like any dynamic and growing company should. This stems from an ingrained strong work ethic, the drive to do our best and to work as a team to overcome obstacles. We are a lean and agile team, which works hard to support each other, our tenants, and our partners to achieve our shared goals and vision.


What makes PBA not only diverse but unique, is we are one of the few real estate developers in Canada to be led by women – Patricia Phillips as CEO and Michelle Phillips as Director. Because of this our team is made up of a large majority of women. This provides our company a unique perspective and encourages a culture of diversity.

We believe diversity is the pulse of a healthy culture and smart, sustainable business.  This means we have a diverse team of viewpoints, life stages, and backgrounds. It also means we invest in a wide range of projects and assets plus own and manage a diverse portfolio of properties, including commercial, residential, office, and industrial spaces. We also welcome and serve a variety of diverse tenants from family-owned businesses to large corporations and support diverse community enriching products and services, arts and culture, and sports.

Mutually Beneficial RELATIONSHIPS

Collaboration and building relationships, is key to not only our success but that of our investors, partners, and tenants. We believe respectful partnerships are about shared prosperity. Relationships with tenants, business partners and strategic partners need to be win-win to achieve success. This means we consider all sides and align our mission and values with the right businesses and people to succeed. After all, the longevity of our business, and our partners’ business, depend on our shared vision for success.

Our corporate culture is defined by our Core Values.  They articulate who we are, how we do business, what we want to achieve, and they impact every decision our team makes. These values act as the foundation for every investment, project and partner interaction. This means we consider the impact of our decisions. For us, a cohesive team and vision is a source of strength, ensuring our long-term success as a private company.

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