Corporate Governance


PBA Group of Companies is committed to transparency, integrity and leading with our Core Values within our corporate governance practices. This ensures our leaders are managing the financial and strategic direction of our business effectively and that they always act in the best interest of our stakeholders.


Board of Directors

The integrity and confidence in our board sets the tone for our company operations. Qualified and knowledgeable, our directors guide the management of our company’s business affairs while adhering to sound corporate governance practices. Furthermore, they are responsible for the stewardship of our company and to enhance its long-term value. Their actions reflect its responsibility to establish the proper business practices and appropriate ethical standards expected at PBA Group.

We are a private company with a Board of Directors comprising of five people which include two PBA Group Executives.


Patricia Phillips


Michelle Phillips


Craig Hill


Todd Karran


Irfhan Rawji



Health & Safety

PBA Group cares about the health and safety of its employees, tenants, and strategic partners. Our Health and Safety Committee was formed to address these concerns and protect its community. More specifically it was established to put safety protocols in place for construction projects, landlord work, and general workplace health and safety. Our committee consists of five people representing each of the company’s operating entities.

  • Dahlya Molina, Vice President, Real Estate & Leasing
  • Rhonda Nicholls, Business Manager
  • Derick Enoh, Building Operator
  • Giulio Mettimanio, Accounting Clerk