Patricia Phillips

Chief Executive Officer

Patricia Phillips leads the management, growth, strategic direction, business development, and asset & property management of PBA Group. She is responsible for ensuring the future and vitality of this growing and dynamic Canadian company.

Vince Kong

Chief Financial Officer

Vince Kong oversees finance, corporate governance, accounting, and human resources. He plays a key role in developing, monitoring, and evaluating PBA Group’s corporate and financial strategy, and securing capital investment.

James Scott

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

James Scott manages many of PBA Group’s internal and external operations: company culture, strategy and change facilitation/management, employee relations, IT, and communications and marketing. He’s also responsible for project oversight, strategic land planning, and regulatory approvals on all of PBA Group’s developments.

Dahlya Molina

Senior Vice President, Asset Management and Operations

As PBA’s Vice President of Real Estate & Leasing, Dahlya Molina considers herself a client relationship leader whose main responsibilities include creating and assembling opportunities across PBA’s portfolio by sourcing and securing new tenants while also collaborating with existing tenants to satisfy expansion and renewal requirements.

Trish Desrosiers

Vice President, Finance

Trish is responsible for supporting PBA Group’s Chief Financial Officer. As Vice President, Finance, she is involved in PBA’s accounting, finance, and development accounting for new projects.

Erika Jansons

Marketing and Communications Director

Erika is responsible for PBA Groups Marketing and Communications department. She has over 15 years of professional marketing experience and comes with a wealth of knowledge spanning international, national, client and agency roles. Erika is an award winning brand strategist, who prides herself on turning market research and insights into innovative campaigns.

Andrew Vargo

Business Growth Analyst

Andrew Vargo serves as the Business Growth Analyst at PBA Group of Companies. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration focused on Real Estate and the Built Environment from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, Andrew is a valuable asset to our organization.

Maggie Liu


Maggie Liu is responsible for supporting PBA Group’s Chief Financial Officer. As Controller, she’s involved in PBA Group’s Accounting, Finance, and Development Accounting for new projects.

Gareth Greensil


Gareth Greensill is responsible for supporting PBA Group’s Chief Financial Officer. As Controller, he’s involved in PBA Group’s Accounting, Finance, and Development Accounting for new projects.

Deborah Avery

Senior Property Manager

Deborah Avery is responsible for the day to day management of all of PBA Group’s properties. She ensures great tenant relations through her personable manner and excellent customer service. Deborah also prepares, implements, and monitors all operating budgets and is responsible for fostering great relationships with PBA Group’s supplier and contractor partners.

Rhonda Nicholls

Business Manager

Rhonda is key to ensuring efficient business operations for PBA, from finance to IT, Rhonda supports PBA Group’s day to day operations with professionalism and skill.

Serge Cavalgiu

Property Accountant

Serge is our Property Accountant and is responsible for all PBA Group’s full cycle accounting.

Giulio Mettimano​

Accounting Clerk

Giulio Mettimano, a highly motivated Accounts Payable Coordinator at PBA Group of Companies. With a strong background in Accounting, Giulio brings years of experience and a well-developed skillset in analytical, training, and organizational skills.

Tim Fortier

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Tim plays an integral part in the PBA Marketing Team as our Marketing and Communications Specialist. Tim comes with a diverse creative background, a wealth of communications experience and a keen interest in content creation.

Derick Enoh

Building Operator

Derick Enoh works to provide operational excellence and great customer service at PBA Group. This includes property maintenance, safety, repairs, and ensuring PBA Group’s properties adhere to environmental, health, and safety standards.

Vern Boon

Project Coordinator

Vern is responsible for coordinating with our project management team and tenants to complete new tenant space buildouts.

Leslie Redeker

Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO

Leslie Redeker is responsible for a diverse range of executive administration duties. She always performs her tasks with the highest professional standards and has become central to office communication at PBA Group.

Tracy Everson

Manager, Commercial Leasing and Administration

Tracy Everson supports the Leasing and Property Management Teams in her role as Manager, Commercial Leasing and Administration.