When you first meet Husam and Steve you can’t help but be charmed.

They have such a good time together, riffing business ideas off each other and so much of the conversation between them is unspoken. It’s as if they have a secret language.

It’s a really wonderful pairing of two guys who really embrace the definition of Hustle in all the best possible ways.

A “hustler” by definition in the 70’s and 80’s was someone who would do anything to make a buck but the new age version of “hustler” is about so much more. It’s about looking for any and every opportunity to better your business. Its about being creative and innovative with the way you work and the way you work with others. Collaboration is key. Disrupting the industry you’re in. Thinking outside the box.

These are just a few ways I can define what it’s like to work at HustleCo Coworking Space.

Members get the opportunity to collaborate with other members in a number of ways including spin classes, night markets and on-site learning workshops Instagram and Facebook Marketing as well as speaking events like hearing from past Google Software Engineers like Adam Berkan. They also host FiverFridays which allows the general public to check out the space for $5 from 9-6, meet the community and share a meal to finish off the week right.

The pair are a force. Although they are light-hearted and friendly, when they explain their vision for HustleCo, things get intense. They have a clear view of where they want to end up. It’s literally laid out on a vision board in the office they share.

The space is really great too. Clad in HustleCo Purple, Black and white there is an area for everyone. The dedicated members have their own space and there are hot desks for people to use as they come and go. There are board rooms big and small, even a room they call the Calgary room that is fondly attired in members’ products which are all produced and sold locally.

Although HustleCo promotes and lives for business, it’s not all about the dollars for them. They care about the startups working to build up their businesses and do it right.

Husam and Steve employ a team of “heroes” to work with members eager to learn the ins and outs of starting up right. These Heroes are interns, in most situations, who are also honing their craft as entrepreneurs and each of them is mentored by the dynamic duo.

The accomplishments they have achieved in such a short time in their Phillips Park space are really impressive.

We genuinely look forward to watching them grow!

Learn more about hustleco by visiting their website at www.hustleco.space