PBA Sponsorship


With several members of PBA Group having competed in sports at an elite level, the team understands the powerful connection between success in sports and business. It takes many of the same qualities to be successful in one’s career as it does to be successful as an athlete. The PBA Group team relies on the skills gained through years of participation in competitive sports daily. Chief Executive Officer Patricia Phillips uses the skills she honed in her sporting career to lead the PBA Group team.

Because of the company’s strong connection to sports and all that athletics has given to PBA Group, the company looks for ways to support young elite athletes in sports and in business.


Trevor Philp


PBA Group was a proud sponsor of Trevor Philp, Alpine Canada ski racer, on his journey to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Check out the below video to learn more about Trevor and how PBA Group became involved with supporting him.


Visit Trevor’s website: trevorphilp.com

Follow Trevor on Instagram: https://instagram.com/twphilp

Follow Trevor on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrevorPhilp