In 2012, our resident “Jersey Girl” Amy Kelso arrived at PBA as Administrative Services Manager. Soon, her skills and attitude captured attention and she was promoted to the leasing team – a role created solely with Amy in mind.

A New Jersey native, Amy grew up in the northeastern state’s suburbs with her parents, both teachers, and younger sister. She attended school at Towson University, in Baltimore, Maryland. Soon after life brought her to Canada – and finally, to Calgary where she joined the PBA team.

Amy has become ingrained in the DNA of PBA. From touring prospective tenants to managing all types of documentation, office manager duties, tenant coordination and more, she is a true ambassador for the company. In fact, she goes above and beyond her job description to take care of every task that comes up. Simply put, Amy does whatever needs to get done, not just what her job description says.

When the working day is done, Amy keeps busy with her two kids and their active sports and social lives. But she’s not simply a chauffeur for her children. She is a “bad TV” junky and loves celebrity gossip. Other endearing traits are her ability to mispronounce French names and her American-background’s instance on denying of the existence of the letter “zed” in favour of “zee.” Her PBA colleagues have also helped introduce Amy into the “foodie” world. By now she has sampled an array of delicious pasta, and has opened her taste buds to spices and sauces beyond everyday condiments.

PBA believes in a culture of respect and collaboration to inspire our team to fulfill their career dreams. Five years ago, Amy joined our company and has made her mark ever since. We are pleased to celebrate this milestone with Amy and are thankful for her contribution to the PBA culture – we hope to celebrate many more work anniversaries with her. As they say in Baltimore, Amy truly is “good people!”