Leslie Redeker

Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO

As Executive Assistant to the CEO, Leslie Redeker is responsible for a diverse range of executive administration duties. She always performs her tasks with the highest professional standards and has become central to office communication at PBA Group.

Leslie develops and maintains various executive admin processes at PBA Group, improving and facilitating team communication, organizing timelines, and finding new and creative ways to streamline the way things are done in the office environment.

Before joining PBA Group in 2016, Leslie spent over 9 years supporting various executive-level professionals and building her office management skills.

In 2018, Leslie trained hard and laced up her running shoes to take part in the Scotiabank half marathon.

When she’s not too busy with her two precious boys, you can find her ear-deep in any crime or detective podcast…it was James Scott, in the board room, with the tire iron!

Leslie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism with a minor in Spanish from the University of Calgary and is fluent in Spanish.