Lunch-time should be a happy time and a happy belly is the key.
If you’re looking for fresh-daily, healthy and delicious lunch that doesn’t break the bank, you need to visit Black Apron. 
A new addition to our Phillips Park building, Black Apron has pivoted from being mainly a catering business to a full-fledged (and full-sized) restaurant – the last location was a little cramped, to say the least.
Most people think of plain old soup and sandwiches for lunch – this place will wow you with options like Seared Chicken BLT with Basil Pesto Aioli or Roasted Italian Sausage with Brie and Red pepper Scallion Chutney – and every dish is under $16, no joke.
So yes, the food is amazing and affordable, but what will keep you coming back is the people. Steve and Juan are the founders of Black Apron and they work every day in the shop. They both get up super early to divide and conquer as they scour local grocers for the highest quality (and freshest) meats, grains, fruits and vegetables. They acquire the goods and head back to the restaurant to prepare the menu for the day. That’s right, it’s a daily menu – and there’s only so much per day. 
Both family men, they finish up serving lunch and close up shop by 3 just to rush home and make supper for their families. It’s incredibly admirable.
These two are just great people, simple as that. They met while working at the downtown restaurant Centini. Juan was supreme pastry chef while Steve was the masterful head chef. As the friendship grew, so did their drive to become entrepreneurs after growing tired of the daily grind, missing family and always fighting for another dollar per hour. 
They each have amazing stories, personal and professional, like cooking on a bikini modelling show or learning to parent 5 kids under 5 – but you’ll have to ask them those stories yourself.
They are an excellent and much-needed addition to the PBA family and we are excited for many, many more years (and lunches) with them.