Planet Coffee Roasters holds a space in our Phillips Mall property going on 10 years and is soon to be expanding into the adjacent suite. It’s easy to say that we are proud to have them. 

Not because they are a reputable company with a perfect 5 star rating on Google, or because they are the company who supplies our corporate office with warm pick-me-ups on the daily, or because they are one of only a few companies in Calgary who is actually negatively carbon emitting, but because of ALL of those things and more. The list, truly, goes on. 

Planet Coffee are also a really great group of people. Their personal integrity shines through in the relationships they build with all of their hundreds of clients. They are innovative in the way they work by always looking for ways to improve the experience for the client. One of these ways is their amazing recycling program. Planet recycles 2800 pounds of coffee. 

Many corporate beverage supply companies offer recycling programs but only Planet partnered with another local company to create a new way to recycle every piece of the coffee and tea pods from the foil to the plastic, to composting the remaining coffee grinds and tea leaves. They are working on a program currently to make Keurig K-Cup pods fully recyclable in Calgary by the end of 2018. 

By choosing to fill your coffee cupboard at work with Planet Coffee, you are supporting the environment and sustainability. With Planet you can buy Ethical, Organic, Fair Trade coffee, supported by the Rainforest Alliance. How many local coffee companies can say that? 

They also maintain and service all the machines that their clients use and recommend the most efficient machines and products for the clients. 

It’s not surprising that the company is run so well. Planet Coffee Roasters is built on such a strong foundation. They have 23 years under their belt for Coffee Brewing Services alone. In 2007 Planet transitioned to Office Coffee Services and is going strong over 10 years. To date, they service Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. It’s a success story worth sharing! 

Also a story worth telling: One of PBA’s own went on her first date with her husband 15 years ago at the historical Planet Coffee Shop location in the Mission area of downtown Calgary. They’ve been married 10 years and talk about that first date all the time! 

We are happy to be building our legacy with Planet Coffee Roasters as we watch them build theirs.